The urge to make work isn’t easily quelled.

“For Shore and other established photographers like Dayanita Singh, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, David Alan Harvey and Laura El-Tantawy (to name just a few whose work I like), Instagram can be an extra studio, a place to do more. Singh explores the images that fascinate her with a light touch. These photographers pursue an exquisite balance between a sense of freedom and the steady burn of an obsession. They make their Instagram pictures largely with phone cameras but with a pictorial intelligence similar to what they bring to their more formal work. Why do they do this? Why do they try to get it ‘‘right,’’ even in this most informal setting? Because there is, despite the noise, an audience worth reaching on Instagram; because sometimes, for an artist, the urge to make work isn’t easily quelled, even when the work is play, even when the work is unpaid.”

TEJU COLE in the New York Times Magazine.