Sohrab Hura

There is something eerily beautiful and poignant about the photographs by Sohrab Hura displayed in the exhibition titled, “Sweet Life” in Experimenter gallery, Kolkata. These photographs paradoxically straddle austerity as well as a plethora of emotions that leaves us to unravel the dualities of life. “Life is Elsewhere” is Hura’s personal project and is the print part of the show.  It documents his life and immediate interpersonal relationships with his mother and their family dog.

Not shying away from the travails and taboos associated with mental illness, Hura succinctly and deftly describes the precarious journey of his mother’s battle with schizophrenia, her spousal separation, escaping the sordidness of life and problems through his lens. He eventually comes back home to confront the same problems and pin down their causes. Through this circuitous journey depicted in a series of real yet surreal photographs, Hura wordlessly conveys the delicate state of Life and his unending attempts to immortalize those moments which he sees to be pivotal points running across his narrative. The dominant emotion that exudes from all his photographs is the fear of losing out on life precisely because he is so acutely aware of the evanescence of meaningful moments.  Aware that life is already fragmented, Hura’s images initially catch the viewer’s attention by their sheer inexplicable quality that slowly “unlayers” itself bit by bit like a hypnotic ritual that ultimately envelopes you with sundry yet streamlined meanings.

The exhibition is on until the 10th of November 2017 at Experimenter, Kolkata.
All images used with permission.