Museum Bhavan

“I’d say making photographs is 10 percent of the work and maybe 70 percent is editing—ruthless, ruthless editing. Then comes the sequencing and along the way comes the form.”


DAYANITA SINGH in the New York Times.

Consisting of nine individual “museums” in book form, Museum Bhavan is a miniature version of Singh’s travelling exhibition of the same name. Dayanita Singh has blurred the lines between hanging an image on the wall and a book of photographs.  She believes the size affords the flexiblity to showcase a set of images in more ways than one.  A lot of work has gone into the concept and delivery to make is accessible.  Singh and Steidl should be commended for it.

Out of the 241 images, I have ‘ruthlessly’ edited it down to the best four I like.  Museum Bhavan by Dayanita Singh is a must-have for photography lovers, archivists and collectors.

Museum Bhavan is published by Steidl