Incredible women to follow on Instagram

Instagram has been a playground for the creatively inclined for some time now.  We all know the mega stars and the following they have.  There are those who might not have the enormous following but post equally good if not better works.  Some individuals use Instagram to give you a taste of the kind of work they do.  Others don’t post anything serious or linked to their profession. But the visual sense and how they think and want to communicate still somehow make its way across to the viewer. A bit distinct from the run of the mill, edgy, humorous, sad, thoughtful and a plethora of other things.  It could be a picture, a thought, some poetry or just a note, giving a glimpse into their lives. The editorial staff at Big Art and Curator’s at Art Explore got together to bring you a curated list of five incredible women to follow and appreciate on Instagram.

1 Sarika Sehgal

2 Monica Tiwari

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3 Avani Rai

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4 BBellona

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5 Divya Sachar