Divergent Persona: Anjum

Delhi-based Anjum Khan’s new works indicate a shift in the 28-year-old artist’s work. In the series titled Divergent Persona, Anjum attempts to capture the varied moods and personalities of an individual in a single painting. Consequently, the protagonist has several faces sprouting out from the same neck.Two faces are quiet and demure while the third speaks out, in what one imagines to be a loud voice. In other paintings, it is multiple eyes and lips that indicate the many sides of the persona. We pried out a few quirks about the artist that show a different side to her persona.

Divergent Persona 1

Hated studying but managed to complete her BFA and MFA in painting.
Never had a solo show. Will have one now in Washington DC and Istanbul in 2018.
Loved painting after a cup of kadak chai.  Now it is wine.
Cannot swim but loves to dangle her legs in a pool of late.
Never used to shop for clothes, now the only thing she does while travelling is style her own garments and shop for materials.
She has to read hoardings and graffiti on the streets.  It cannot be a simple walk from point A to B.