Celebrate Thailand through cinema

A song that brings back memory, a figure from the past that haunts the images of a photographer, a school teacher who finds a mysterious companion in a diary and a love story that finds its resolution during peak traffic…these are some of the themes to look forward to in Namaste Thailand, a film festival organized by the Thai Embassy, to celebrate 70 years of India-Thailand diplomatic relations. “What better way to celebrate our 70 years of diplomatic relations with India than through film,” said the Ambassador H.E. Chutintorn Gongsakdi.

The festival kicked off on Sunday, with the four-director omnibus film A Gift. The story makes you laugh and then cry and then laugh some more. It shows how three separate narratives are connected and is set to the score of musical compositions by the late King of Thailand. The first part is a romantic story of two strangers who are asked to act as the ambassador and his wife at the rehearsals of a scholarship award. The second goes into the life of one of the organizers at the award ceremony, who quits her job to care for her Alzheimer-ridden father. Both poignant and hopeful, he briefly recalls his memory when she plays her diseased mother’s favourite song on the piano. The final episode is a crescendo of laughs as a former rock star-turned-executive comes out of retirement to join the office band, which celebrates the diseased mother’s love for music.
Catch the rest of the free screenings at the Stein Auditorium, Habitat Centre, and get a peep into Thailand’s varied culture. Be sure to watch the acclaimed horror flick Shutter.