Artworks we dig at the Indian Ceramics Triennale

It is imperative for ceramic art practices to be represented in the mainstream. To come out of the shadows of other art forms and show its diversity. We commend the initiative by the organisers, curators, artists and the sponsors. The event will be beneficial for the art community in general and ceramic artists in particular. Following are some of the works that stood out for us and broke away from the traditional.

Vipul Kumar’s Natures Signature utilise a large scale with intertwined clay and ceramic forms displaying movement, texture and colour to represent his concerns about the environment then and now.


Satoru Hoshino – Beginning Form Spiral

Satoru is a multi-award-winning artist from Japan. Non-traditional in approach, minimalist, hand moulded clay artwork show Hoshino’s rhythmic connection with the universe.


Partha Dasgupta – Recollection Of a Manuscript

Partha has an all-encompassing style, moving freely between space, time, dimensions and mediums. Deriving from real life, his multidimensional explorations of the two and three dimension space is evident. His approach is to reinterpret the field at multiple levels, rejecting the object and expanding the narrative and the definition.

Indian Ceramics Triennale: Breaking Ground, from 31st August to 18th November 2018, Jaipur.