You always find something new

The final print
The final framed print.

As a photographer, I prefer to walk.  Goa is one of my favourite places to go. No, not because of the touristy things but for the old world charm and laid back lifestyle that fits into my way of making images.  I have walked the stretch between Morjim beach and Ashwem  more than a dozen times.  It never ceases to amaze me how every time, I find something new and interesting to photograph.  In the past 6 to 7 years of being there, I had never noticed this boat.  Maybe it was there all along and I missed it.  Or the changing sand let it emerge for a brief moment.  I often revisit places.  More often than not, I see things differently or new additions/subtractions that make an image totally different.   A new building springing up.  An old one torn down.  A boring shot, invigorated by an old lady walking past.  No matter how much your mind tells you to not go on the oft beaten track, you will always see things that you never noticed before. Constant change in effect.  Lesson learnt.

All images © Vikram Singh